The New SWCC house league

We have launched our SWCC house league! The start of the Youths basketball career! This is a program that not only provides them a platform to shine and grow but one that focuses on their long term improvement by improving their overall game by teaching the fundamentals in the Training. If extra training is needed we provide our jr. NBA programs and our SEMI-private Training. 

The SWCC Road Map

Player Assessment

The player assessment day gives the coaches and mentors a chance to assess the current skill levels of their players and build teams with great chemistry. Which would provide a suitable environment for Growth.  

September 22nd, 2021

Important dates to note

Registration Closing Date: September 22nd

Player Assessment: September 27th

Start Date: 

End Date: 

If you have any questions, utilize the FAQ at the end of the article to answer potential questions as well

To Register

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