What is the Humble Highlights?

Shak's World Community values humility and kindness, it is important to foster and encourage these values and actions in the youth so we can really make great strides in positively impacting the community. In order to foster these behaviours we have to appreciate and showcase the youth who are examples to their peers and to those younger. This positive influence is what we need as community.

In partnership with Simcoe.com we present to you Humble Highlights! Every month through your vote, a chosen youth will be showcased to the broader Barrie/Simcoe community for their exemplary efforts in helping those around them and being a positive impact on the community.

The first edition of Humble Highlights was released on October 6 with Elijah Sinclair deserving the spotlight for his great behaviour and attitude in helping to promote accountability and hard-work in his teammates. For the full article please follow this link to read what Elijah had to say!

Elijah Sinclair

Do you have a youth in mind who has been impressing and having a good impact on the community? please don't hesitate to send us an email at media@shaksworld.com

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