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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Shak's World grand opening on November 6th 2021 was a great success! With the recognition of the Mayor Jeff Lehman, Alex Nuttal and the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. It was a day to celebrate another building block in creating a stronger and resilient community.  We had catering provided by Carribean Express, performances from Errol Lee, Jaymee Turner aka J.T.G and LiftiD in hopes of creating an engaging experience for all those present. Without spoiling everything, here is a look at a recap video of the big day

Courtesy of @Tdotpics on Instagram

During the event we showed a film that was worked on by our young media team to tell a story that reveals how our story is connected to the bigger picture and our role in pushing for inclusivity and community in Simcoe County!

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