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To create respectful and successful athletes and community members through mentorship, sport and community engagement.
While bringing awareness to youth mental and physical health.

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Shak holds 15+ years of experience in the basketball world at various levels from OBA (Ontario Basketball Association) to OCAA (Ontario College Athletic Association) they were proven to be some of the most impactful years of her life.  Shak sees sports as a catalyst for personal growth, an opportunity for participants of any skill level to strengthen themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.  Through years of experience as a coach, player, referee, scorekeeper, convener and managing media coverage for various sports sources- basketball has been ingrained into her life in a beautiful way. Being able to share this experience with the upcoming generations and help them create healthy long-lasting bonds is very important to Shak’s mission. This organization was founded on the idea that a sports organization can deliver both athletic AND community development at every age and ability. To create a more unified community. Changing the mentality of our youth is a big mission but with the support of our community, through basketball she believes we can make an amazing difference in countless lives. At risk/vulnerable youth have a special place in Shak's World being considered one growing up Shak defeated all odds and created something beautiful.

    Kevin Wilson

    Head Of Research and Development Youth Mentorship

    Kevin is the founder of the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP); a non-profit organization that provides mentorship services to youth across Canada and across the UK. He recently completed a masters degree in physiotherapy while studying in Scotland and completed his undergraduate degree from Brock University (St. Catharines, ON) in the field of Kinesiology. Prior to his studies in the UK and at Brock U., he earned a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Fleming College (Peterborough, ON). Kevin played on the varsity basketball teams at Brock U. and Fleming College and has worked on the training staff for many pro basketball clubs as a trainer / therapist.

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        Becky Lisk
        Jaymee Turner
        Dean Oriade
        Alisha Spalding
        Tasmyn Hughes
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        Bolu Oguniyi